About Matt....

Hi I'm Matt Black, I do Art, Tattooing & Music.

   I come from a rather playful little place in the south coast of England called Hastings. I have been an Artist in one form or another most of my life. I work making visions (be them my own or my customers) come to life. Whether that is in the field of Tattooing, custom art pieces or mural work. I am still collecting a lot of images together of my work ( I am awful at keeping things saved in one place) but soon the page will be flowing with the madness I have created.


   On the ART page on the website you will see some of the pieces I have created in the past and if they're for sale feel free to fund my madness.


   On the TATTOO page I have uploaded a few pieces to give you an idea of my style. (again if you want a tattoo feel free to ask via the contact page)


   MUSIC?? I am currently working on a new music project  called "Flashheart" but for now I will link in my old bands soundcloud if you fancy a listen.


Thanks for visiting my website...... much love